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Designing for continuous learning!

Meeting learners where they are!

Closing the performance and training goals gap through my research on effective workforce development. 

Building intentional training and learning programs with the aid of technologies. 

Bringing together the art and science of andragogy. 

Designing for the human brain - by utilizing learning theories, teaching philosophies, and skill development. 

LX Unicorn - Design Thinking Approach: Involved in all phases of instructional design, collaboration using storyboard, e-learning development, and evaluation. For more information, please view this eBook by E-Learning Industry. 

Aiming for a leadership role in academia or industry in performance development and knowledge management.
Consultant, Leader and Dominant in my subject-matter expertise in human-centered design and adult learning theories articulated with innovative learning and productivity technologies. Highly organized and experienced learning experience designer with expertise in both corporate and academic fields. Regarded as an expert in curriculum development, e-Learning platforms and oversight of academic and training programs.

Championing learning experience design with the aid of principles of User Experience Design (UX) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Design thinking approach when creating learner-centered experiences through empathy and positive emotion-building to create a learning product that showcases effectiveness, efficiency and immense satisfaction for both: the business and the learner.


The following are my discussion board posts from my doctoral program, my blogs, thoughts, and musings. Your comments are welcome! My posts are inspired by the Chief Learning Officer, the E-Learning Industry and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Here's the link to my Carthage College Teaching Commons Blog.

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"Zubia Mughal has been both a student and an adjunct faculty member at the Loudoun Campus of Northern Virginia Community College.  I am the Program Head for Information Systems Technology and it has been my privilege to work with Zubia in both capacities.  I am writing to highly recommend her ...

Zubia is very intelligent and can discuss topics at many different levels.   Her sensitivity is evident as she works with a wide range of students in her computer classes. Zubia has the patience to work with novice students and also the expertise to challenge the students who are more experienced with computers. She always takes time to work with students outside of her class when they need extra help. Zubia has the best interests of her students at heart! These qualities are extremely important in her role as an instructor."

Carolyn Davis, Northern Virginia Community College, VA, USA

"Zubia, a student in my class Fall semester 2005, demonstrated both a desire to learn and the ability to think critically regarding organizational issues regarding innovation. Her insights and contributions in discussions were exemplary. In addition, she worked well in a team to complete both written assignments as well aS assist in presenting a case analysis and recommendations as part of a live class session held on a website."

Linda F. Tegarden, Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Virginia Tech, USA

"Her (Zubia's) Associate Degree work at NVCC resulted in a Magna Cum Laude. She has since been an adjunct instructor and a very effective one at that, at the Loudoun Campus at the NVCC, and has expressed great joy in the craft of teaching. I expect that she would develop into an unusually talented teacher, given her intelligence, her communication skills, and her love of the classroom experience."

Arnold J. Bradford, Professor of English, George Washington University, USA. 

"I taught Leadership courses with Zubia. She has always been available when requested for extra time to plan lessons together. She offered her exceptional instruction design skills to completely revamp the courses we taught together. Our students were happier and so was the department."

Saima Noman, Professor of English, Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

 "As a BlackBoard support person and the IT Department lead, I was often asked to teach IT-related courses. I taught several courses with Zubia. She was an amazing partner, who would never fail to lift my spirits with her enthusiasm and positive energies. Teaching was fun when working with Zubia. Even her students would often express their appreciation for her in my class!"

Afrah Sherrif, IT Department Lead, Abu Dhabi University, UAE


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